Dr. Cornwall is a native of Massachusetts, but spent many years in Kentucky, a place he calls his second home. He is a New Englander and a genuine Kentucky Colonel.

In addition to hailing from Massachusetts and Kentucky, he has lived off and on in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. He is married, lives on the side of Frenchman’s Mountain in the far reaches of eastern Las Vegas, and has four demanding, loud, and hungry dogs.

Dr. Cornwall holds doctor’s degrees in general psychology (Psy.D.) and behavioral medicine (Ph.D.). He enjoys writing, teaching, bike riding, gardening, and music. He prides himself, particularly in his education and training in social work but prefers to engage his patients in bio-psycho-social adventures, primarily strategies and treatments focused on whole-person management and top-down – bottom-up approaches to emotional health. He can be found most days (and nights) in his office, carrying a plastic brain in one hand and a box of tissues in the other.

Dr. Cornwall’s primary practice models are REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Theory), Health Psychology, and Behavioral Medicine. Because there are many practice models (38 at last count in use today along with and hundreds of personal perspectives and variations), we suggest you familiarize yourself with Emotional Intelligence Theory (hole-person) and Rational Emotive Behavioral Theory (cognitive-behavioral) before your visit. 

Several links on this page can help. Dr. Cornwall is the author of Go Suck A Lemon: Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence and Grow A Pear: A Guide to Improved Emotional Intelligence 

Dr. Cornwall uses a psycho-educational model to assist with emotional issues. His practice model is here-and-now and solution-focused.