Collaborative Care

Cornwall Counseling provides a continuum of services to help children, adults and families reach their emotional, mental and physical well-being through a community collaboration philosophy. We believe each person deserves supportive, respectful, integrated care that is goal-driven and skill-based.

Cornwall Counseling believes all individuals have the ability to improve their lives. We develop and enhance our services based on client-determined goals and achievable outcomes.

We are trained in evidence-based practices. We maintain collaborative relationships with community partners throughout the Las Vegas, Clark County service area. The enhancement of the emotional, mental and physical well-being of our community is at the center of everything we do.


All services are accessible by calling, texting, or emailing our office.

Awareness, Education & Prevention

We believe awareness, education and prevention are vital services to increase knowledge and reduce or eliminate behavioral health issues. We provide effective prevention strategies and build coalitions to increase emotional, mental and physical well-being within the communities we serve.

Community & Family Engagement

Cornwall Counseling unconditionally seeks the voice and choice of individuals, families and communities. Our treatment prioritizes a philosophy for achievable and sustainable goal-setting.

Comprehensive Services

Cornwall Counseling considers the health of the whole person across a lifetime.  We developed a continuum of care philosophy to achieve emotional, mental and physical well-being at all stages of life.

Evidenced Based Practices

Cornwall Counseling incorporates evidence-based practices throughout all levels of care to improve physical and emotional health through individualized care, to meet clients where they are and where they hope to be.

Outcomes Driven

Outcomes provides a means to objectively measure the success of Cornwall Counseling. We focus on outcomes to inform collaborative decisions about all services provided.

Goal Driven Care

Cornwall Counseling supports a philosophy of goal-driven treatment. Our services are built on the belief that individuals are resilient and capable of improvement. We provide options that are accessible, welcoming and supportive.