How to Request an Appointment

Requesting and confirming an appointment.

1. Click Schedule on the left side our website. You will be taken to our scheduling page.

2. Request Appointment.

3. I am a new client.

4. View available times.

5. Choose an available time.

6. Click Continue without signing in.

7. Complete the form and submit.

8. You will receive an email acknowledging your request for an    appointment request.

The email will ask you to complete the portal registration. Your portal registration requires only a username (your email address) and a password. (Please remember your password. You will need it if you choose to schedule future appointments.)

9. Once inside your portal, you will find a pending link. Please click this link and complete the intake documents. You must provide each of these documents to receive an appointment confirmation. 

Keep in mind that we cannot  confirm your appointment without first receiving and reviewing these documents. We must know your motivation for scheduling and your goals before confirming your request. Your responses will help us make an assessment of whether we can help. You will find some assessment documents in your portal, as well. Please review our Practice Limitations to know more about our practice.

10. This process shouldn’t take much longer than 15-20 minutes, from start to finish.  (However, we do appreciate as much information as you can provide.)

11. You will have three days (72 hours) to complete this process.

Although these instructions may seem complicated, the process is menu-driven and is quite simple.

12. If you have any problems with this system, please contact us by phone or text at 859.321.4956.

Once you have completed this process, and you are a registered patient, you will receive a phone and text number that you may use to contact Dr. Cornwall directly.

* If you will be using an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) please place this information in the Insurance document located in your portal.

You will need 1.) the NAME of your EAP plan, 2.) the AUTHORIZATION NUMBER, and 3.) the NUMBER OF AUTHORIZED VISITS. If you do not know this information, please call back the number you called to request your EAP benefits and ask for this information.

Thank you!